Meet Kwest!

 Think of us as that friend you have who always knows what to do in this town.

Kwest is a brand new, better way to explore your city using your smartphone as a guide!

Our platform will launch you onto an interactive adventure - a variety of challenges that guide you from one amazing place to the next. Think of us as scavenger hunts reimagined for the digital age.

Experience the world in an entirely new way through location-based riddles, puzzles, mini-games & even augmented reality. (So fancy!)

What can I expect?

A Kwestacular experience. That’s what.

Lightning Rounds

60 seconds of fast-paced fun for all you adrenaline junkies out there

Riddles & Puzzles

Some mental manipulations for the brainy folks among us

GPS compass

Warmer...warmer...Use your surroundings to guide you onward

Image Recognition

Play hide-and-seek with anything and everything around you

Augmented Reality

Make real-world objects come to life through the eyes of your smartphone

Kwest Challenges

Get discounts and even some free swag for completing challenges along your adventure

Find a Kwest

... on a map!

After exploring Dallas for the past year and a half, we didn't know there was much more for us to learn, but it turns out we were so wrong!

Lily & Kara

Kwest is a great group exploratory app that really helps you dig into the history and sometimes overlooked treasures of the area.

Brenden M.

Coolest way to explore a new place EVER!! We had more fun and know more about the area than we thought possible.

Sabrina & Ayisha

As a small business owner, I'm always looking for ways to increase foot traffic. Kwest helps us do that in a fun and creative way that appeals to tourists and locals alike.

Eric H.
Zoomos Pop-up Shop

I loved Kwest because not only did it teach me about Deep Ellum, it helped me facilitate a fun activity with friends!

Paige P.

Kwest provided a perfect Sunday afternoon with friends...I loved getting an up-close look at things I drive by all the time.

Emily B.

You guys are so smart and talented! Did you get our voicemails?

Our Parents

My wife and two teenage kids did this last weekend and we had a blast. We look forward to doing the other Kwests.

Jay C.

I've Heard Enough. Let's Kwest Already!

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