How Kwest Works


Meet Up and Team Up for a Day Trip or Night Out

Our platform launches users off the couch and onto real-world adventures—offering a uniquely interactive gamified way to explore the city. 


Premium Fun On-Demand

Find the fun you’ve been missing with our quirky smartphone platform. Wherever you choose, each Kwest is carefully curated with location-based riddles, puzzles & multimedia experiences centered around fun! Join the growing user-base of Kwesters in DFW.

Find a Kwest

Earn Street Cred and Swag, Yo

Each Kwest helps you find a city’s local hidden gems—visiting the best kept secrets each neighborhood has to offer. Complete challenges and solve riddles to unlock discounts and earn free swag (swag means premium merchandise, fyi). 

Kwest is changing the way people explore the world and supporting local businesses & venues with increased foot traffic. 


Experience it for yourself!

Kwest is free for download from the iOS app store and from Google Play for Android.