Become a Partner

What kind of partner would you like to be?

  • Venue or Event
    Ready to engage your local audience on a new level?

    Here’s what Kwest brings to the table:

    Increased exposure and traffic to your location or point of interest
    Structured activity within your location to curate visitors’ journeys
    Encouraged repeat visit, with different ways to experience the same place over and over again
    Social sharing incentive (users must snap photos/videos of their experience and share to move onto next clue)

    Become A Venue or Event Partner

  • Merchant
    Who needs banner ads when you can reach them right outside your store?

    Hyper-localized native ads that exist within the ongoing Kwest as they pass by your location
    Check-in based rewards to keep things exciting
    Interactive experiences that drive customers through your front door

    Become a Merchant Partner

  • Kwestpert
    Did we mention we’ll pay you to create your Kwest? Kash money, y’all.

    To build your own Kwest:

    Let us know you’re interested (obvious first step)
    Sleuth out key points of interest in an area (aka Kwestinations)
    Create an efficient route for the Kwest
    Come up with creative clues and engaging copy at each stop (we can help)
    Hand over the content to our development team so nobody gets hurt

    To become a Kwestpert, please email